My 90-Day Planning Journal

My 90-Day Planning Journal

Consider this your 2022 reset neatly wrapped up in 90 days.

The planner has a monthly view which allows you to get a broad overview of your monthly events and activities.

A monthly quote is also included to inspire, motivate and encourage you to have the best month, every month.

In this monthly view, there are three focal features:

  • Top Priorities

In this section, you get an opportunity to highlight your top priorities each month.

  • Intention Setting

Each month, you are invited to set an intention. Setting intentions drive our motivation and provide direction in our life's journey.

  • Monthly Goals

In this monthly view, there is also a section to highlight your monthly goals so you have a quick glance at all times.

Your daily view has more than just your schedule because life is more than the next appointment.

In this daily view, there are seven (7) focal features:

  • My Top 3 Priorities

In this section, you get an opportunity to highlight your "must do" for today.

  • Things I get to do

Normally, we get lost in our list of to-do's. We have put a spin on it coming from a place of gratitude.

  • Today, I will...

Each day is an opportunity to set an intention to guide the day.

  • Goal Tracker

The goal tracker is an accountability tool for your daily intention.

  • My Self- Care Plan

We have included this section so you can be intentional about taking care of yourself daily.

  • My Schedule

This section allows you to note your daily appointments ex. meetings.

  • My Daily Reset

Every day, you are provided a prompt for reflection to help you reset as you design your life the way you want.

We hope this enhances your life as much as it enhanced ours to create it!

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